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瑞麟集团大事记Our Year of 2018——精彩一年,感谢有你!

2019-02-01 瑞麟集团

Our Year of 2018






2018 has been a year of significant progress for our group in our mission of creating futures. In such moments, it is important to look back and remember the trials, tribulations and ultimately triumphs which happened at various points throughout the year. Join us, as we review some of the key moments which shaped our business over the past year!





【English Version】


与时俱进 不断突破


Remarkable Development



In 2018, our groups’ global presence expanded tremendously, as we now have global office operations in the UK, Switzerland, Ireland,China, Slovenia as well as several other countries around the world.



We are now having a passionate and committed team of industry professional striving for continual innovation.


Moreover, we have made every effort to enhance and optimise our global business strategy and operations. This has resulted in numerous benefits, namely ensuring that Kylin Prime Fund continues to prosper across Europe. Furthermore, our investment migration applications have maintained a 100% success rate to date, paving the path for further growth and development.


* 瑞龍银行:


Rapid development in private banking services through our strategic partnership with Lon Bank, a leading European bank based in Slovenia.


*  未来公民学院:


Founded in Luxembourg the Future Citizen Institute is a Think Tank which produced in-depth reports and research on matters related to global mobility.


* 瑞麟资产管理公司:


Kylin Prime Asset Management receives full-scope AIF management permission from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.


* 瑞麟可变资本投资公司:


Kylin Prime SICAV P.L.C. receives investment fund licence approval from Malta Financial Services Authority.


* 瑞麟公司服务业务:


Kylin Prime Corporate Services registered as company service provider by Malta Financial Services Authority.


* 瑞麟资本:


Kylin Prime Capital receives FCA approval for AIF scheme in Portugal.



Kylin Prime Capital gets approval of full scope AIFM provider and receives investment management permission from FCA.


* 欧笙投资:


Ousheng & Partners receives OISC immigration qualification to provide professional consulting services for UK immigration programme.


* 柏拉图基金:


Kylin Plato Fund(FCR) approved by Portuguese Securities Market Commission(CMVM).


* 瑞麟基金在欧洲不断开拓、运营稳定:

Kylin Prime Funds have continued to prosper across Europe




海纳百川 合作共赢


Enhancing Global Cooperation




The past 12 months also brought enhanced strategic cooperation with governments and industry stakeholders alike, as we received official authorisation from the governments of St. Lucia, Vanuatu, Malta and more to act as official promotion agents for each country's investment migration programme.


Additionally, we were honoured to receive special event invitations from government officials and at the same time welcome them to visit our global offices.


---第五届中国对冲基金年会 瑞麟集团荣获最佳海外资产管理机构

Kylin Prime Group wins “Best Overseas Asset Management Institution” award at the 5th Hedge Fund Annual Conference.


---2018年中国离岸金融峰会 瑞麟集团荣获年度国际定制财富管理提供商 

Kylin Prime Group wins “International Bespoke Wealth Management Provider” award at China Offshore Summit.


---新浪中国教育盛典 欧笙投资荣获2018年度值得信赖海外投资机构大奖 

Ousheng & Partners wins “Leading Overseas Investment Institution 2018" award at Sina Education Awards.



Carnbeg Hotel and Spa awarded four star classification from Fáilte Ireland.


实时聚焦 享誉世界


Respected & Influential




The Chinese Weekly is widely circulated in high-end communities, and is regarded “The local knowledge for globally minded Chinese”. Moreover, the Chinese Weekly is recognised as the most prestigious Chinese new media platform in the UK, with more than 1 million followers.


学术期刊China’s World被包括哈佛大学、剑桥大学在内的全球顶级高校广泛订阅。

Our academic journal, China’s World, has made great progress in gaining subscriptions from leading universities around the world.



Several key Kylin Prime Group figures were interviewed by global leading media publications on topics such as asset diversification, global investment, migration patterns among HNWIs and more. 



Creating Futures at the “Crossroads of the World”. Kylin Prime Group lights up Times Square. An exceptional vision and concept of future citizens endorsed around the world.


行万里路 走遍全球


Global Footprint




While the past 12 months have brought great gains, we look to the future with optimism, as we continue on our mission to create a brighter future.





* 2018年初,瑞麟集团于爱尔兰丽菲新城召开国际高层会议,回望卓然历程,共商发展大计!
The annual senior management meeting took place in Leixlip Manor Hotel in Ireland 2018. 
* 钻石顶级赞助,高层齐聚IMS全球投资暨文化交流峰会,并发表多场重要主题演讲。
Kylin Prime Group was the Diamond Sponsor of 2018 IMS International Migration & Investment Summits.
* 瑞麟资本海外专家于2018年在中国上海离岸金融峰会发表演讲,并获殊荣。
Kylin Prime Capital lead the way at China Offshore Summit.
* 瑞麟资本出席中国对冲基金年会,与行业专家畅聊海外资产配置
Kylin Prime Capital provided insights into overseas asset management at Hedge Fund China.
* 瑞麟集团受邀出席2018年天津夏季达沃斯财新论坛晚宴,与中国商界精英共论全球化议题。
Kylin Prime Group attended 2018 World Economic Forum and Davos Caixin Banquet in Tianjin, China.
* 瑞麟集团受邀参加法国戛纳国际移民博览会,精彩亮相。

Kylin Prime Group premiered at Cannes International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo.






Kylin Prime Group strives to provide both clients and professional institutions alike with in-depth analysis and reports on both investment migration and asset allocation. 





While the past is history,

and the future is a mystery,

 we’ll never forget our original goal 

as we move forward in our mission 

to create a better future for all!






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